Task One: Identify two companies and one product produced by each company that directly relate to the NCT technical application your team has selected.
An example of a product that directly relates to the technical application of our product is QuikClot by ZMedica and is used by the Department of Defense, which acts as a bandage that helps blood thicken and clot faster. Both products address the problem of excessive blood loss, and both products can be used to help blood clot faster. Our product specifically solves this problem faster by creating a synthetic scab that covers the wound quickly and provides a long term solution until the victim reaches proper medical treatment.

Task Two: Identify one professional association or trade organization associated with the products your team identified. Include: its name, description of its mission, and number of people/companies involved.
One professional association involved with QuikClot is the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Their mission with QuikClot is to provide the soldiers of the U.S. armed forces with an effective, but not flawless, product to deal with many types of injuries that may be acquired out in the field, in which proper medical treatment is not readily available. The DoD is a very large organization, there are around 2.87 million people involved, which goes along with the numerous companies they are involved with such as ZMedica, Health Net, and the TriWest Health Alliance.

Task Three: Propose and describe a new product or new process based on your team's NCT technical application.
A new product is a culmination of existing products that contribute to the clotting of blood. The product will create an artificial scab over the wound and, overall, speed up the natural clotting process. By using Factors VIII, IX, XIII, Fibronectin and the addition of Bovine Thrombin, we can allow the blood to clot and create a fibrin adhesive that will seal the wound and stop the loss of blood.

Task Four: Via the Internet, locate a company that might be able to manufacture your team's proposed product. Send the company an e-mail asking that someone in the company evaluate the product your team proposed. Provide on your website the e-mail request you sent, the names of manufacturers to whom you sent the request and include any responses received.