Teaming and Communication
Our team worked well together by frequent communication, both through an online messaging application and in person. Whenever a question was posed the question was taken to the group through instant messaging. Once the question was posed one of the group members would answer, and if they could not answer it the question was sent via email to our advisor.

Research and Innovation
Our motivation for attempting to solve this particular problem was to aid in paramedics treating hemophilia assault victims. We learned that to keep the platelets usable we would need to keep it in a pressurized and chilled canister to be prepared for release. Unfortunately, to allow the products to remain effective they must be chilled until applied to the victim of the incident. To keep the product cold a refrigeration unit would be required, and for this we plan to contact Yeti to develop a battery charged refrigeration unit for the HG-10 until it is ready for usage.

Three Lessons
  1. Throughout the course of this project our group learned valuable problem solving skills through finding a way to store the platelets for transport and easy use.
  2. We also learned how integral swift and effective communication is to a group project's success.
  3. We also learned the severity of the symptoms that victims of hemophilia experience that affect what they can do in their everyday lives.