The product will consist of two stages, Part 1 and Part 2. Each part will be contained in a separate container which will be stored in an additional cooling container. However, there will be only one apparatus that is compartmentalized to house both parts with seperate nozzles.

Part 1 will contain Factors VIII, IX, and XIII. Furthermore platelet rich plasma kept at 4 degrees Centigrade will be mixed into the solution of the various factors. Finally, fibronectin and firbinogen will be included in Part 1.

Part 2 will only contain Bovine Thrombin to react with Fibronectin to create a fibrin mesh that will act as the adhesive that will seal the wound.

  • Factors VIII and IX- These are essential proteins that allow the blood to clot normally.
  • Factors XIII- Factor XIII acts to stabilize the blood clot and prevents the blood clot from breaking down.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma- Platelet Rich Plasma contains a concentrated amount of platelets that will allow a platelet plug to form easily and initiate the clotting process.
  • Fibronectin- This glycoprotein assists in tissue repair, and blood clotting. But more importantly, it acts as cellular adhesive and allows the wound to seal.
  • Fibrinogen- This is a protein that when combined with Thrombin, creates fibrin.
  • Bovine Thrombin- Thrombin is an enzyme that creates fibrin. However, Bovine thrombin is more accessible and functions similar to that of human thrombin.